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Indication programs

Links to viewers


1. PDF-files
To be able to have a look at the current catalog pages in the PDF format, the Acrobat reader 6.0 is necessary. You can geet this software in the internet under


Get Acrobat Reader

2. AutoCAD DWF-files (Plug-In)
For you can look at the drawings in the DWF format, there is a Plug-In for the Internet Explorer. It is made available by Autodesk free of charge: By means of that you are able to read our CAD drawings (format "DWF") also without AutoCAD.

Get Autodesk WHIP!

3. eDrawings
For using the 3D models e.g. of the products DIATEC and SMART-BOX in eDrawings-format, there's a special plug-in necessary. This software will be installed when you open such a file for the first time. Simply follow the installation advices. You can also download this software manually under the following address:

Get eDrawings

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